Limitless world of blogs

25 Jan

You can blog about anything. No, really.  Anything. Pick a topic. There’s a blog.

Car reviews and all that is related to automobiles? Check.

Need a dose of daily inspiration? That can be found here.

Celebrity fashion? That’s covered too.

While this is just a smattering of the wide range of blogs, as showcased in Time Magazine’s annual Best Blogs list, these examples speak to the infinite possibilities of what a blog can be.

Technorati came up with a short list of blog definitions from the Internet’s favorite quick-reference sites on the subject. While Wikipedia, ProBlogger, Blogger and WordPress’ definitions were nowhere near one and the same, they all allude to the same essence of what a blog is. A blog is a regularly updated diary of a topic, be that topic as wide as a person’s daily life or as streamlined as the political news of a specific community. These definitions also mention the multimedia format of a blog, which engages readers and keeps them coming back for more. Believe it or not, these vague statements are the best definition that can be provided of what a blog is.

Over a year ago, NPR created the Argo Project. Simply put, it funded 12 blogs across America on a variety of topics, proving the fuzzy definitions above true. Health care reform in Massachusetts and immigration in Southern California are two extremely unrelated topics, but the blogs were able to be created under the same overhead. Further proving the project’s success, 10 of the blogs will be kept.

Part of the Argo Project’s success is attributed to its ability to span across time zones. This point might also be applied to any other successful blog. The Internet is a miraculous, intangible highway of communication, and it can be used to share information with people on the other side of the world. If one wants specific information, be it about serious scandals or delicious desserts, there is a blogger writing about it. Where the blogger is writing from does not matter.

One must wonder why some people are so devoted to blogging that they are able to make a career of it. While being a professional blogger does not necessarily make yourself your own boss, it does come with a sense of authority. This is echoed in Matt Thompson’s article, where he stresses the need for “reporter-editors.” While bloggers must be great writers, they must also have the news judgement and organizational skills of an editor. Though Thompson is referring to the Argo Project, this can be applied to successful blogs as well. If the content is poorly written and lacks any interest, readers will not  bother bookmarking the site.

While the possibilities of a blog are unending, one has to wonder how to make a blog that is worthy of being deemed a success. Apparently others seek the answer to this question too, as Google completes the phrase for you.

The search lists about 25 million web pages as an answer. It seems, like the blogosphere, the answers are endless as well.




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