Organizing grassroots news gathering

8 Feb

With all the pressure to survive in the failing news publication industry, it seems the underdog, the local news, may come out a winner.

Surely, one must question why the big papers are being ignored and the little ones are thriving in their communities. Media conglomerates paying too much money to undeserving executives could have something to do with the people’s frustration. Nobody in Smalltown U.S.A. wants to see such an unworthy figure walkaway with such a large sum of money after such a short time.

More so, it might be that the people now have the power to take over. The Internet is allowing them to resort to their caveman skills of hunting for news sources they like, and then sites simplify the strain of gathering daily articles, leaving us free to just devour the words.

Furthermore, the people’s desire to collect their own news has been noticed by big companies. AOL even funds it, providing a large organization’s encouragement of community news. This trend has been slow to take off, but news sources were wary of it over a year ago, and the Internet Content Syndication Council came up with guidelines to lead online writers to provide better content.

Yet, as the local community man begins to become the local community reporter, one must hope that they commit to their jobs and act like a professional when doing their work. If more companies like AOL reach out to those eager to serve their communities’ news readers, programs to help this may very well develop.


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