14 Mar

With the Republican primaries occurring, stories are appearing all over the Internet about the results and about the candidates. But wouldn’t it be so much simpler to gain some insight on the candidates without reading through eight other stories?

Luckily, Poligraft is here to lend a helping hand. Furthermore, Poligraft clearly states where it gets its information from and how it was developed. Such transparency is much appreciated when found on the Internet.

Simply by entering a story’s URL, all political persons will appear with their contributing industries on the right side of the screen.

Aside from this tool saving journalists time, it provides a stepping stone to any connections a reporter could have missed. Seeing who’s supporting who can give inspiration for new stories and even lead to groundbreaking investigative stories.

For example, the story above led to results on Romney, Gingrich and Santorum. While the latter two candidates have about a quarter of their funds coming from PACs, Romney’s contributors are nearly all individuals. One has to wonder, why is this happening?

Poligraft is a wonderful aid to journalists in a fast-paced time where media is held liable for the facts, as they should be.



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