New ways of the newsroom

4 Apr

The state of journalism is changing.

While the above sentence is dramatic, it is also true. Some might even call it a period of hybridization. Reporters are leaving institutional papers to found their own notable news site. Bloggers are changing their affiliations to big-name papers. The examples are ongoing, with new instances every week. These occurrences are so common that they have earned an abbreviation: FON, short for future-of-news.

While newsrooms must question the FON to stay afloat, it is a debate topic of scholars as well. Shirky radically states that news organizations can change their structures or fail. He further backs up this belief by saying, “News has to be subsidized, and it has to be cheap, and it has to be free.”

His three rules can be seen in many online news startups. Currently, Penn State is experiencing a fight of new-versus-old news sources. Though there is a reputable and established newspaper, students are turning to new media for their news. And, if Shirky’s theory holds true, students will eventually turn their backs entirely on a published paper in favor of a website.


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