Breaking news without breaking accuracy

21 Mar

News outlets all have their different styles of reporting.

However, accuracy is the link that unites all news.

When a story breaks, news organizations scramble to get their audiences the most information first. In the link above, BBC turns to its followers to help them complete the scene of what occurred in Liege, Belgium. This led to a hastily put together story, in which witnesses recounted the events they saw. While it is wonderful to include quotes from those who were at the scene, crowd psychology and lapse of time can distort initial sightings and reactions.

Meanwhile, RTE took a simpler, less reactionary approach. Upon gathering the basic facts, it posted a simple Twitter link with a short, to-the-point story. Though not as quite as exciting as BBC’s story, the facts are all there and seem to have come from a credible source like the police.

This provides readers with what they want to know – and what is known to be true – first, which gives RTE reporters time to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the happening and to take their time in interviewing legitimate witnesses. With time, a fully fleshed out story will be able to be presented, much like CNN did.



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